• Systems Analyst - Marlton, NJ

Systems Analyst


Marlton, NJ


Better Tomorrows is a mission-focused organization working to alleviate poverty and provide programs, supportive services, and case management to over 26,000 residents of affordable housing in 100 communities across the country. Our mission is to help individuals and communities thrive.  We are looking for a dynamic, motivated, results-driven individual to join our growing team and fast-paced environment focused on making an impact.


This position is based in Marlton, NJ and a future home in Camden, NJ



The Systems Analyst is responsible for the strategic use of Better Tomorrows’ information systems, including Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) and Raiser’s Edge (RE).  The person in this position will create, manage, and analyze the systems toward their optimal use for the organization in order to accomplish information systems strategy and the Better Tomorrows mission.


Responsibilities include:

Create a robust information systems design for the organization, and then manage data from beginning to end

Regularly evaluate the organization’s database procedures and processes, and identify system modifications and improvements to facilitate program/service performance management and evaluation

Onboarding new users and training staff on ETO and RE as needed

Enter data and supervise users’ input of data

Conduct regular audits of organizational data and maintain data quality assurance best practices

Create reports, write programs, and develop presentations of program and development performance measures and results

Troubleshoot technical issues with users and respond to field staff questions

Conduct quantitative and qualitative research including conducting interviews/surveys, and collecting, cleaning, coding, and analyzing datasets

Prepare specification and procedural documents for database usage

Create regular backups and archives of organizational data

Perform basic statistical analyses


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