Abbey Lane apartments

Winter Haven, FLorida

Abbey Lane Apartments is a 100% Project Based Section 8 Community. There are 125 multi-family units located within the City limits of Winter Haven, Florida.
The 18 buildings (including the community building) consist of one story walk up units and townhomes, partially surrounded by a 6” black metal fence. The black metal fence adds beautification to the Evergreen exterior of the buildings. The 15” and 25” Sago Palms, Traditional Palm Trees, Red Oak Pine Tree, and Crepe Myrtle Trees along with the rich dark green St. Augustine Grass complete the warming touch of Abbey Lane Apartments.
This location offers convenience to public transportation, shopping, and is surrounded by family-friendly parks and, of course, an enormous amount of scenic lakes.
The Community Building is centrally located at the main entrance of the property. It houses 2 business offices, a fully equipped kitchen including a microwave and a handicap equipped restroom. 
Abbey Lane Apartments offers a sand/mulch filled playground/picnic area, with 2 picnic tables, one of which  is handicapped accessible, 3 benches, a laundry facility, social services, and a computer learning center.
Constructed in 1984, the units were built with stucco, wood frame and vinyl siding.
Ninety-eight (98%) of the individual units have a door to enter or exit the apartment home. The remaining 2% of units were constructed with a front entrance only. Each unit has a private back porch.
The property is composed of 9 – 1 bedroom elder units, 21 – 2 bedroom family units, 4 – 2 handicapped accessible bedroom units, 79 – 2 bedroom townhouses, 10 – 3 bedroom townhouses, and 1 – 3 handicapped accessible bedroom unit.
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John F. Hargrove moved into Abbey Lane Apartments in August 2018. From the moment he moved into his unit and learned about Better Tomorrows he has made a lot of changes in his life, with the help of the SSC. His first goal was to learn how to use the computers. While learning the internet, he was able to improve his reading skill. Next, he wanted to reinstate his voting right and register to vote. He completed this in 2019. Next was to go back to school. He applied for the Michaels Education Scholarship, which he was awarded. He also wanted to quit smoking. Although he smoked rarely, he wanted to stop completely, which he did in August 2019. And lastly, he wanted to get his driver’s license, which he also received in 2020. Mr. Hargrove has been a great role model in his community. From volunteering his time to the residents’ community events to after school and summer enrichment programs to his mission work with his church, he is engaged and inspiring to his peers. For the Summer Enrichment he needs to complete a course in child abuse training which he did and passed. Now he is in training to become a minister in his community and hopes to have his license by May 2021. Currently he spends his time working in the community by helping feed people and helping them get clothes and other hygienic supplies. His goal is to encourage others to better lives.
John f. Hargrove

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Our team continuously strives to make Abbey Lane an inclusive, supportive living space. We host a variety of events throughout the year for our residents, and with your support, can continue providing more robust services to our residents. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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