ETO Annual Survey

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Better Tomorrows seeks to understand how we can better support our communities. Each community is unique and we wish to offer case management services and programming that assists residents in a meaningful way.

The Annual Assessment Survey should be completed within one month.   Goals: Senior Sites
  • At least 85% of residents for sites with 0-100 residents
  • At least 80% of residents for sites with 101-150 residents
  • At least 70% of residents for sites with 151-200 residents
  • At least 55% of residents for sites with more than 200 residents
  Goals: Family Sites*
  • At least 65% of adult residents for sites with 0-200 residents
  • At least 60% of adult residents for sites with 201-300 residents
  • At least 50% of adult residents for sites with 301-400 residents
  • At least 45% of adult residents for sites with 401-500 residents
  • At least 40% of adult residents for sites with 501-600 residents
  • At least 35% of adult residents for sites with more than 600 residents
  *This percentage is based on the number of residents aged 18 or older. Example: Site A has 250 total residents and 110 of those residents are 18 years of age and older. There should be 60% x 110 or 66 total assessments complete for Site A.