Belmont Heights Estates III

Tampa, FLorida

Belmont Heights Estates was a decrepit military–style barracks housing built between 1941-1952 and has since evolved into an award winning housing development.

Belmont Heights Estates III is located in the East Tampa neighborhood. It is centrally located ten minutes from downtown Tampa, and five minutes from the Historic Ybor City. The area is close to shopping, restaurants, transportation and other local attractions. The apartment complex is in the heart of the city and in an up and coming revitalization area. The property has a very diverse population, primarily African American.

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Anna Duclos grew up with her family in Belmont Heights Estates III. She is the middle child of a family of five. She is the “rock” of her family; and keeps the family together. Growing up in a challenging home; with parents that spoke limited English, other health conditions in the home; and having to take care of younger siblings; she managed to go to college full-time, work and still run the household. She has received the Michaels Organization Scholarship many times; due to her stellar academic performance. She is a recent 2020 graduate of the University of South Florida; with a Bachelor Degree in Social Work. She was accepted into the Masters of Social Work Accelerated Program to start in January 2021. She is looking forward to giving back and helping others excel. She is a great success story for our community.

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Community Connection Church

Holsey Temple Church

Advocates for Safer Communities and Mt Zion Church

Tyer Temple Church and East Tampa Civic Association Mobile Food Pantry

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Our team continuously strives to make Belmont Heights Estates III an inclusive, supportive living space. With your support, we’d like to continue to improve our facilities and equipment. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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