Cynthia D. Williams - Social Services Coordinator

Cynthia D. Williams is the Resident Service Coordinator at Marietta Senior Tower.  She has been served in this position since July, 2013 with Bettertomorrows. 

Cynthia loves and enjoys working with the residents.  Her everyday goal is to be able to help someone achieve something that they have not been able to.  She gets great joy in seeing her residents succeed. 

Cynthia strives to be the best teacher, advocator, facilitator, negotiator, or delegator for her residents. 

Cynthia is very resourceful and crafty.  She teaches the craft classes that engages the residents to challenge their creativity. 

Cynthia was predestined to work in this arena because she was born an only child and raised by her grandmother in the Mississippi Delta.  During this time, Cynthia was surrounded by the senior population and took care of some of their needs for years until she departed for college.  Upon her completion of college with a Bachelor in Social Work and a Master’s in Professional Counseling, she realized that she was birthed to do this. 

Since at Marietta Senior Towers, she has established several programs:  the healthy cooking program to the Atlanta Portfolio; the Gigong exercise program to bring balance to the residents’ mental and emotional state; Jumbo Bucks Program to teach residents the act of kindness; and Exhale Women program an avenue to give the women the opportunity to be free, honest, and vulnerable while establishing trust and learning more about themselves and their neighbors; as well as a Meditation program to help exhale the negative and inhale the positive. 

Cynthia continues to foster lasting relationship with her vendors that no matter where she goes; they are there also.  She is not one to toot her own horn because she believes in being a doer and her works speak for itself but,

Cynthia has been awarded the overachiever award and served as Moderator for the American Association Service Conference (AASC) for three consecutive years. 

Cynthia is very down to earth and shares that no matter how your day is or isn’t that it is all in a “State of Mind” and if you can keep your mind thinking on positive things then your energy to others will be just that.