Cynthia Davis - Regional Lead Coordinator

I’ve been with Better Tomorrows since 2005 and my early years were under the mentorship of Jackie T. Jones. Cynthia Davis enjoys being able to enhance, motivate, encourage and strengthen others in many facets of their lives.  

In 2019, Cynthia received the Jacqueline T. Jones Award of Excellence, this came with great surprise, and this year, she became a Regional Lead Coordinator at five sites within the Better Tomorrows Organization.

Ms. Davis serves with the Better Tomorrows Haddington Townhouses community affording robust programs for children and adults such as: nutritional, afterschool program, summer enrichment, kids in the kitchen, health and wellness, computer programming for adults and children.   

The Haddingtom Townhouse also serves as a polling site for the community while building partnerships with City of Philadelphia, The Honorable Councilman Curtis Jones, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Food Trust, Shared Food Foundation, 

Urban Affairs Coalition, Management & Environmental Technologies Inc, Mercy LIFE West, Jevs Human Services, Work Force Institute, AARP seniors, Philadelphia Youth Network, M/R Strategies, LLC, Bridging the Gap, 19th Police District, St Joseph Baptist Church.

I have strategized, coordinated, and worked with the above organization for many years and have an open policy with each one. As we continue to move forward may I continue to educate, impact and empower families from every walk of life. 

My goal is to build strong communities with positive outcome and to magnify opportunities to all the families we serve.