Deloris Westmoreland - Associate Director

Deloris Westmoreland is the social service coordinator at Piedmont Senior Tower as well as one of the Regional Senior Associate Directors for Better Tomorrows. 

She has worked in the housing sector for over 20 years supporting seniors, young disabled and families (coordinator-family/senior, executive assistant to CEO, special project manager, grant manager and more).  

She began her journey with Better Tomorrows July 2013 and became an Associate Director December 2019. 

Deloris has been serving Piedmont Senior Tower as a coordinator since 2008. Since her tenure of becoming a Regional Senior Associate Director she supervisors 7 sites in the states of Georgia, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina. She is an intricate part of the BT National Team and strives every day to support and help her team to become the best they can be as they serve their residents and adhere to the directives from the BT National Office.    

As a service coordinator, the joy of her life is to enhance lives and help individuals become successful.  She loves and enjoys working with the residents.   She gets great joy in seeing her residents succeed.  Her special touch of caring, assisting, motivating, encouraging and connecting residents to services inspires her to go “beyond the call of duty” to make sure she is making a difference in their lives.  In other words, “Whatever It Takes”, is her mission.  

The extensive programming, activities, trips, case management causes her site and residents to remain vibrant, active and engaging.

All of these entities help bring balance to the residents’ mental and emotional state. The collaboration of partnerships has allowed her to soar as it relates to taking care of the needs and success of her residents.   

Deloris is very positive and no matter what her day is like (good or tough) she always keeps a smile on her face to encourage everyone.  Her residents call her “Sunshine”.