Denise Barton - Social Services Coordinator

I have been a member of the Better Tomorrows team since October 2019. For 16 years prior to this, I worked for Youth Services Agency which was a juvenile facility where children were sent by court to take part in our program from various agencies including Children and Youth and Juvenile Probation from counties all across the state of Pennsylvania. My primary role in that position was to be an advocate and mentor for the children in my care to facilitate a successful and productive transition to society.  During my time there, I received several promotions. I started as a nightshift line staff and finished as a Director of Operations. Unfortunately, due to financial difficultly the facility had to close after 30 plus years of service.  

I have always had a passion for helping others. My entire professional career has been centered around case management, criminal justice, rehabilitation, and even the healthcare field. I have a certification as a medical worker/assistant and have worked in an emergency room and a physician’s office prior to my 16 years at Youth services. I knew early on in my professional career that I wanted to help people and that I also had an inner drive to be a leader, and though I found that the medical field was not my calling, I did fulfill my passion of helping others in different ways; first with the children of the youth program and now here, helping our residents. 

Not long ago I went back to school and obtained my certification as a paralegal. This extra training has helped several times when working with both the elderly and children, especially in circumstances where decisions need to be made that could affect their lives. 

Outside of work, my interests include camping and spending time with my family and visiting my daughter and when visiting we enjoy crafting, shopping and antiquing. I enjoy travelling and have been to places like London and the Bahamas. I have a Labrador/Great Dane dog named Nala and always enjoy playing and cuddling with her. And finally, I enjoy going to the local racetrack to watch my nephew’s race.