Eagle Crest apartments

Toms River, New Jersey

Toms River is home to a diverse population of those in need.

An Aldi’s is being built behind the complex.

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Residents In The Spotlight

Jason Figueredo use to be a fry cook and was injured in a kitchen fire/explosion. He ended up in the hospital getting skin grafts and is now on disability. He wants to work in social services because of how he was treated in the hospital and on disability. He also recently completed is BSW.

Our social services team

Meet our team of dedicated professionals who work within Eagle Crest to develop and run our programs and assist our residents with their day to day needs. Click on their names and images to read more about their background and dedication.

Our Partners

Mayor Kenneth Baulderstone

Administrator and Municipal Clerk Diane B Ambrosio

Deputy Mayor: Lydia Dodd

Fulfill food bank of Ocean and Monmouth County

Join our partners in supporting us

Our team continuously strives to make Eagle Crest an inclusive, supportive living space. Their goals for improving the quality of life for their residents include homeless prevention, drug addiction resources, and youth development. Can you help us achieve these goals? 

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