Hall's Corner

East Brunswick, New Jersey

Hall’s Corner is located on 551 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. 
Hall’s Corner is a quarter-mile from Civic Center Drive by foot and a third of a mile by car.  It includes the Police Department – the best in Middlesex County, one of the best libraries in NJ, East Brunswick Senior Center, and Municipal Building. 
The closest bus stop is about 100 yards diagonally across the street. 
The building has a lot of park bench space and a concrete picnic grove.
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Residents In The Spotlight

Resident Jean Markie wrote an original poem regarding the dangers of young teenagers who drive and text at the same time. The local Newspaper “the Sentinel” picked up the poem and published it.

Our Partners

Local Community Leadership:

Resident Volunteerism is a strategic imperative at Hall’s Corner.  It is what makes this community hum and strengthen.  The Volunteers Leadership Council – residents who work with Matthew planning and implementing selected programs and events and via the monthly Coffee with Matthew, where residents can ask any questions that are interested in discussing.

East Brunswick has a Mayor and 5 council members.  Social Service Coordinator, Matthew Korten, has been a County Committeeman in East Brunswick for over 30 years (served as councilman too), and he has been very involved in the Township from the day he moved to the area.   The governing bodies – Mayor, Council, Freeholders, and State Assembly have visited Hall’s Corner and provided resources via programming, establishing our Community Room as a one-day vaccination site, supporting the Hall’s Corner / Aldersgate Outreach Community Center Partnership for food distribution, and other initiatives.

East Brunswick has an extensive breadth and number of local stakeholders who advocate for the Township and Central NJ.

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Our team continuously strives to make Hall’s Corner an inclusive, supportive living space. We are seeking to upgrade the technology in our community. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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