When I Did Not Believe In Myself, Better Tomorrows Did: Anaedrea's Story

My name is Anaedrea and I am a resident at Better Tomorrows' Brookside Estates. I tell you my story today to share with you how my life has been transformed by Better Tomorrows' programs and their on-site Social Service Coordinator Takima.


At one point, I had dropped out of college, was very depressed and unable to pay my utility bill. I turned to Takima in desperation. She helped with my utility bills and asked what I wanted to do with my life. I told her about my interest in helping children and she asked me if I would volunteer for the on-site youth Summer Enrichment Program. When I didn't believe in myself, she did. Most importantly, she refused to let me give up.


After volunteering for three summers with our community youth, Takima referred me to a job placement agency. The skills I had learned through Better Tomorrows’ programs and as a volunteer – along with Takima’s amazing reference – enable me to secure a job and enter the workforce.


I returned to college and will very shortly receive my degree. I am the first of my mother's children to graduate college. Better Tomorrows not only set me on the path to leading a healthy and independent life, but their belief in me has helped me to become a better mother, woman, daughter and community member.


In my case as well as the many communities and individuals it serves across the United States, Better Tomorrows truly lives up to its mission of Supporting Lives and Empowering Communities.


With heartfelt thanks, Anaedrea



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