Our Impact

We serve over 20,000 low income youth, adults and seniors, providing a variety of specialized programs that promote educational success, community strengthening, financial literacy, and health and wellness.

Our Impact

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Healthy Lifestyles

Our healthy lifestyles program encourages participants to be active, eat healthy foods, and prevent chronic health problems. From exercise programs to cooking classes, this outcome-driven program is goal oriented and popular within our communities.

Strong Community

Strong communities not only provide services and support to people who are in need, but they also help prevent social problems like drug and alcohol abuse, and crime.  We’re committed to developing healthy communities that are safe and supportive.

Educational Success

Our educational programs provide academic support to students. From STEM in our after school and summer enrichment programs, to SAT prep, homework assistance and more, we aim to foster engagement and advancement for the future of our youth.

Financial Stability

We host outcome-driven programs to help improve economic stability, including job training, subsidized employment, job retention and job enhancement, following safe credit/borrowing practices, and sound financial planning.

Serves Over 6K Families & Seniors

Serves Over 8K Families & Seniors

Serves Over 2K Youth

Serves Over 5K Families & Seniors

From July 1, 2019 to September 30th, 2019, 5584 residents took advantage of our food distribution program.  With the help of 66 Partners we have offered an estimated 162,468 pounds of food at an estimated value of $277,779.
In years 2018 and 2019, 115 students at various sites served by Better Tomorrows were awarded college scholarships totaling over $400,000 from the Michaels Education Foundation.

Who We Are

We provide the support that promotes long term generational success.

Magnifying opportunities and providing resources to our community members comes in all forms. From performing necessary social services, to assisting with employment training, childcare options, academic tutoring, exploring healthier ways to eat and live, as well as every day life and the things that make it enjoyable.
Here are some of our community members’ stories.