Published On:August 22, 2017


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Summer Enrichment for Better Tomorrows' Youth

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For summer 2017, Better Tomorrows' youth in its communities participated in our six-week Summer Enrichment which enabled them to take a trip around the world.  This summer’s theme will be Passport to Summer and will focus on a different continent each week.  The children learned about each country in a fun, group environment led by caring adults. 

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The theme based activities provided hands-on learning opportunities that helps prevent summer slide.  Summer slide is defined as the loss of learning that occurs when the children are out of school for the extended summer break.  Children have been known to lose as many as three reading levels and math skills during the time away from the traditional classroom.  Summer slide effects children in affordable housing because they do not have the resources their peers have to go to other programs.  Better Tomorrows offers learning opportunities to residents and the surrounding community to keep the children engaged in learning during this time.


This summer our youth spent a week in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia learning about their cultures and sharpening their cognitive skills. 


Every week our children completed a writing activity that highlights a part of their journey in each country.  Children were given the opportunity to participate in general theme based activities that highlight the true culture of each continent.  Each week the children took part in an activity which teaches teambuilding and an additional activity that teaches social skills.  Children also were exposed to literature which encouraged independent reading and an adult read aloud daily. 


Better Tomorrows recognizes the need for children to have the time to play and explore and offered some free time each week of the program.  The art component of the program explored concepts that come from each of the continents.  Math explored principles that come from other countries in a way that will expand their knowledge while sharpening the basic skills taught during the school year.  A health lesson which stressed the importance of taking care of your body was offered weekly.  Social Science looked at the geography of the planet and how it has changed.  Finally, the last week of the program included a culminating activity that enabled the children to get a stamp on their passport showing the scope of their summer global travel.


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