Lauralee Brown Marcus - Associate Director

Lauralee worked previously in the social service sector prior to working for The Michaels Organization (TMO).  She believes this a win-win for both Better Tomorrows (BT) and TMO because for the past 3 years she has worked as a Community Manager for a senior and disabled property and has watched closely the evolution of BT.  She was introduced to the Mike Levitt and Jackie Jones story  delivering impact-driven programs and services to vulnerable individuals during her first weeks on the job with TMO, and she shares our mission of empowering individuals and their families to prosper in the neighborhoods which TMO provides. 

Ms. Brown’s background in social services includes working for The Family Services Agency of San Francisco by delivering life skills services to the homeless, home bound seniors and young adults who were aging out of the foster care system of California.  As the Public Policy Director of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce Ms. Brown spent much of her time in conjunction with city government connecting services such as jobs and education to the disadvantaged who live in San Francisco.  In 2006 she testified in front of the California State Senate to forward a house Bill which would assist undocumented California-born children to gain meaningful access to higher education using federal funding. This bill became a federal bill under the Obama administration and is known as the Dream Act.

 In her role as Associate Director of California she brings knowledge and experience along with a deep commitment to the very population she has been servicing for over two decades. Ms. Brown Markus’ passion is fulfilled by building out programming which provides TMO residents with key resources to accelerate their transition from solely housing to actually Lifting Lives by providing education and services that make a positive impact to them.