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Lehighton, Pa

Lehighton is a borough in Carbon County, Pa. It is 77 miles north of Philadelphia, and 54 miles south of Scranton. It is surrounded by mountains and the Lehigh River. It is only minutes away from downtown Jim Thorpe, PA.
This is a big tourist area due to the many outdoor scenic adventures you could have. There is mountain biking, white water rafting, hiking by waterfalls, and more. This area is a gateway to the Poconos.
Lehighton is primarily very green and hilly. The town and its outlying communities are in the Ridge-and-Valley region of the Appalachian Mountains.
The Appalachian Trail, a long-distance hiking trail extending from Maine to Georgia, is located south of town near Palmerton.
The racial diversity in the local area makeup  White,  African AmericanNative American,  Asian,  Pacific IslanderHispanic or Latino. The majority of Lehighton residents are of German descent. There are also substantial populations of ItalianPolish, and Slovak heritage.
Due to the low income in the area, there are many government subsidized housing options. 
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Our Impact

Our residents are our number one priority. We are dedicated to their well-being and quality of life.Please click on the names below to read testimonials from a few of the residents here at Lehighton Elderly Apartments.

I live at the Lehighton High Rise. I have recently been diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer. Once I began treatments, my medical bills skyrocketed. Also, my energy levels decreased dramatically. My letter today is to let you know what a blessing our social worker is here at the high rise. Her name is Denise Barton. I could go on all day about how much! appreciate all that Denise has done but I will just touch on a few things that come to mind. 
Denise knew of my increasing medical bills. She helped me get a financial waiver to cover the unending debt that I was accruing. This was a lifesaver because I live on a fixed income that doesnt stretch very far
Denise also checks on me daily, actually multiple times per day. She will pop into my apartment to see me or give me a call and she embraces me with loving conversation. I know that her main reason for being there is to check on my welfare but I love those little visits. 
As she has done with other residents here, Denise has handed me her cell phone number in case I ever need her, day or night. She is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure to know. I can safely call her my friend
There is not a person in this building, employee or resident that Denise does not get along with. It is enlightening to see her joke and have fun with other employees, like Todd, Alan and Amy. It makes my day. They all work as a team to get things done. 
One of the best things that Denise has done for me was finding me an aide that is extremely competent, compassionate and shows up without fail. 
I cannot say enough good things about Denise Barton. Please know that I am forever grateful for her being here. She is one in a million.
My name is Judy Muthard, and I am a resident here at Lehighton Elderly Hi-rise apt 907. I would like to mention how nice it is to have Denise Barton working here at the Hi-Rise. Denise has helped me in many ways. I have very poor health with a very bad heart condition, very bad back, and bad legs. Denise knew that I needed help in my apartment keeping up with household duties, and at times help with myself with personal care. Denise contacted In Home Referral and got me the much needed help of an Aide. The Aide, helps me with my personal care, house hold chores along with laundry and what ever else I would need. 
I was changing phone companies in my apartment, and I needed an adopter for my heart monitor. I did not know how to hook this up, and this needed to be done immediately so it could read my heart rhythm and alert the physicians office if there was an issue. Denise also set up the life alert during this time, so if I had any issues while I was alone in my apartment, I could alert the proper personnel to receive any medical attention needed. 
Denise consoled me through a hard time when I found out I may have Cancer and would require a surgery. Denise is a very caring and loving person. Denise would always put you first before herself. She is always willing and ready to help. I have been living here for 21 years and four months, and no one has ever done so much in those years as she has done in one year. She goes above and beyond to help everyone here. I would never want to lose Denise; she is the greatest person with a true heart of gold. 
Denise touches base with you and checks on you to see how you are doing. If you are feeling down, she is always there to pick you up. She puts a smile on my face every time I see her. Denise is the best thing that has come into my life since she started working here. I believe in the truth and honesty, and I have faith and trust in God. I truly believe she was sent here to help all of us. 
My Name is Vickie Zinkand and I live at the Lehighton Elderly Hi-rise apartment 704. I would like to mention that Denise is a treasure to have here at the Hi-rise. She is always willing to assist me when I have a question or concern. She has done so much for not only me but for all the residents to the Hi Rose. If I need help, Denise is there. She does activities that are exciting and fun. She prints out puzzles and word searches which I really enjoy, to keep us busy while we are all in our apartments during this time with COVID. 
Denise has helped me during challenging times, especially with my surgery coming soon in January she is always there to listen if I just need to talk. In her monthly newsletters, she always puts encouraging words to help lift spirits during this challenging time. It shows how much she cares, and I often cut them out and share them with friends and family. Her kindness is always uplifting and reminds me that things will get better. The meals that are delivered to the apartments, that Better Tomorrow
allows Denise to purchase and the management team here prepares are appreciated and very thoughtful. I know many residents like myself who look forward to those meals. 
In the year Denise has been here at the Hi-rise, Denise has always had a positive attitude and an infectious smile. 

Our Partners

There are many organizations that support our residents in the Lehighton Hi-Rise. Walmart and Giant consistently donate food to our building. In addition, for those who qualify Second Harvest food panty donates boxes of food as well. A local restaurant named “Dean Anthony’s” helps when conducting holiday meals for the residents; helping get a larger quantity of food at a lower cost. Another local grocery store, Jim Thorpe Market, helps supply desserts for these special occasions at a reasonable cost.  
Joe and Karen Solt help with getting groceries to the Hi-Rise for the inhouse store ran by a resident Miriam Borosh. This helps the residents who cannot leave the building purchase food for their apartments. Joe Solt was employed for Michaels for some time and decided after retirement he would help Miriam keep the store going for residents. 
The Local Welfare Office in Lehighton helps residents get the assistance they need to be able to live day to day. Myself and the Area on Aging work hand and hand to ensure the residents who need home health aides qualify for these services, so that they are able to stay in their apartments and remain independent longer. 
St. Luke’s and Penn State University in Hazelton have speakers come to the Hi-Rise to educate the residents with topics such as healthy eating, and awareness on many health risks for the elderly. A few local Legions and Lions Clubs come to Hi-rise provide a meal and a game of Bingo for the residents. Local Churches provide church services on Sunday’s for all denominations to the residents.
National Night Out is a program facilitated by the Lehighton Police Department, where an officer comes to the building to educate the residents on potential scams they could be susceptible to. 
Miriam Borosh provides a lunch every Friday for the residents. Miriam also has an ice cream social every other Friday night for residents to gather enjoy each other’s company. All proceeds go to the inhouse store to purchase more food and supplies. 

Join our partners in supporting us

Our team continuously strives to make Lehighton Elderly an inclusive, supportive living space. We are looking to add pots and Pans for the community Room for meals, a cabinet for the office for supplies, and outdoor furniture for more seating on our patio.

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