Marietta Senior Towers

Atlanta, Georgia

Marietta Senior Tower is a senior property that is located in the suburban Area of Atlanta.
It is very strategically placed in the heart of the city. It is conveniently, six minutes from the gorgeous lights of Downtown Atlanta (Mercedes Benz, Phillips Arena, Centennial Park, World Congress Center, and Sports Hall of Fame) and many more attractions and restaurants. It is two minutes from the Chattahoochee River and five minutes away from SunTrust Park and Cumberland Mall.
Public transportation is easy access as well as any of the major interstates (20, 285, 75, and 85) that can take you where you need to go in the matters of minutes.
Marietta Senior Tower has been established since 1982. It is 97% of African American and 60% of the residents are 60+. Marietta Senior Tower is known for being family oriented, vibrant, and the fountain of youth.
The residents look out for one another, enjoys activities, and full of energy. It does not take a new resident any time after moving in to fit right in as if he/she always resided here and many has called this home over 15 years.
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Residents In The Spotlight

A new resident moved in with severe mental health challenges. Her brother and his wife are residents here came to resident service coordinator's office pleading too please get his sister some help. He stated that her mental state has caused division with the family, no one wants her around, and he is left to care for her. He watches her because men have been known to take advantage of her. He stated that she needed help immediately. Residents were standoffish toward her; because her out of control behavior. Resident was being torment with a lot of hallucinations and delusions. Resident service coordinator was able to refer resident to one of the partnerships, Emory Fuqua Late-Life Depression/ Atlanta Regional Commission. A Behavior Health Coach was assigned to resident case and assessed her. She was connected to some of their resources and received immediately treatment. This resident is a different person. She is well mannered, communicable, sweet, appreciative, and actively involved. She has reestablished a relationship with her family. She is now invited to family gatherings and even trusted to babysit her nieces and nephews. She has a sense of love, belongingness, control, and self- worth. The family and residents have peace, comfortability, and friendship. You will see her daily outside conversating with other residents. She is so happy and I am so proud of her.

Our Partners

Marietta Senior Tower has existing partnership with Collin Hill Memorial Church – that provides food distribution 4x a week, Holiday events, and back to school events.

New Beginning Healthcare formally Cityside Healthcare provides mental health services both individual and group. They also help with any activity requested by Resident Service Coordinator. They have been a partner for over 7 years. We have expanded this program to include Cityfit (an exercise program), Nutrifit (a combination program where nutrition is discussed as well as short exercise segment), and Meditation (mental exercise).

The partnership with Ms. Jamila Jones who is associated with the Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services keeps us abreast of all the political information concerning the seniors. She provides programs that helps the seniors to age in place, to continue to be actively involve, and empowered. She provides PPEs, trips, activities, and a wealth of information.

Quality Living Services is a senior center that educate and empower seniors.

Join our partners in supporting us

Our team continuously strives to make Marietta Senior Towers an inclusive, supportive living space. Our goal is to acquire transportation, provide food security, and more home health care for our residents. Can you help us achieve these goals?

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