Mi Casa Village

Camden, New Jersey

Mi Casa Village is one of  Cramer Hill’s best-kept secrets. It’s nestled in between homes and businesses within the heart of the Cramer Hill section of the city with only a dozen or so units visible to the public.
The area is thriving with countless community-owned businesses of all kinds. You could walk River Road and find just about any type of business you would need.
Newly elected mayor Victor Carstarphen has always been active in the community including after school programs. The city council members are very diverse and familiar with city residents as well.
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Residents In The Spotlight

Charisse Dillard is a 12 year resident of Mi Casa Village. Ms. Dillard also happens to be an employee of The Michaels Organization. Ms. Dillard loves where she lives for herself and her 3 children (Br’eanna 23, Amina 11 and Cecilia 9). She says it’s safe, quiet and her neighbors are the best. The younger girls enjoy attending the programs provided by Better Tomorrows. They say it gives them things to do and a chance to engage with other children. The children really missed interacting with other residents during this past year. They are a close family without transportation who appreciate the programs provided by Better Tomorrows.

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Our team continuously strives to make Mi Casa Village an inclusive, supportive living space. We are looking to provide adequate housing, educational and recreational programs for our residents. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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