Moorhead Manor & Driftwood apartments

Moorhead, Mississippi

Moorhead Manor and Driftwood Apartments are located in a very rural area.
Here in the Mississippi Delta you will find a lot of farmland and trees. There are no grocery stores, clothing stores etc in the town.
Both sites are very small communities with limited resources. Both sites are located pretty much off to themselves with the next local city being maybe 10 to 12 miles in between.
Both sites have county officials which help the community thrive.
The Social Service Coordinator is also able to reach out to different vendors and also the county officials to implement programs for our community.
Social programs
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Residents In The Spotlight

A resident of Moorhead Manor is pursuing her nursing degree here at a local community college. The resident had to drop out the program due to her having to work and care for her three children. The parent was a single mother trying her hardest to overcome obstacles that came her way. The following year she wanted to go back to school and start again on her nursing degree but owed a balance. I informed her of the Michaels Scholarship and encouraged her to apply for it. She applied for it and was awarded the scholarship. The scholarship was applied to her balance and the rest was applied to her tuition. She was elated to show her acceptance letter into the nursing program. She keeps me updated and she has finished her first year successfully.

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Our team continuously strives to make Moorhead Manor an inclusive, supportive living space. We host a variety of events throughout the year for our residents, and with your support, can continue providing more robust services to our residents.

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