New Covenant Manor

philadelphia, pa

New Covenant Manor is located in the Germantown section of the city. It is located on New Covenant campus which is owned by New Covenant Church and managed by Michaels.
We have numerous buildings which house various businesses (two daycares, youth organization, New Covenant Church, and New Covenant Church office….etc.)
There are also picnic areas throughout the property. There is plenty of space on our grounds for the residents to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors.
Social programs
Annual Events

Our Partners


State Representative Chris Rabb

Senator Art Haywood

Rev. Cindy Scorpack
Oak Street Health
Cigna Health Springs
Catholic Social Services
Fidelity Home Health Care
Ethnic and Multicultural History (Gloria H. McKinney) 
Traveling arts and crafts (Mrs. Gerry)
Sound Investment Hearing (Brit Cardwell Hearing Specialist)
New Courtland Life (Senior Adult resources)

Join our partners in supporting us

Our team continuously strives to make New Covenant Manor an inclusive, supportive living space. Our goals for improving the quality of life for our residents include raising funds. Can you help us achieve this goal? 

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