Pamela Curtis - Assistant Director

After nearly two decades as a Social Service Coordinator with Better Tomorrows, I continue to be inspired by the organization’s mission and its impact on the lives of those it has touched.

My passion for helping others started when I was an outreach worker for Covenant House (A.C), where I connected with at-risk children that had no place to go. This type of work required me to develop deep empathetic listening and Communication skills; and these are the skills which have served me well in developing relationships with the hundreds of residents (children and seniors) at the Garrisons Woods community.

From steering summer enrichment, after school programs and G.E.D programs; to building partnerships with local banks and credit unions to help residents achieve their dreams of becoming home-owners; to encouraging self-help and religious fellowship groups: my residents’ happiness and personal empowerment has been at the forefront of my priorities.

I have also been involved in mentoring other social service coordinators, providing them with resources to help them more effectively focus on the four core areas. For these efforts, I was recognized as a High Achiever and Ambassador. Now, with decades of experience, an academic background in public health and numerous certificates and training sessions.

I supervise six sites Bethel Villas, Tyler House, Stonecroft, Pleasant View Gardens, and Terry Apartments.