Peachtree Road Highrise

Atlanta, GA

Peachtree Road Highrise is a senior property with a small percentage of young disabled residents.
The property is very diverse (Russians, Asians, Italians, Bulgarians, African American, White, Jamaican, etc.) The site is located in an affluent urban area of Atlanta known as the heart of Buckhead. The site is minutes from pharmacies, grocery stores, hospitals, malls, restaurants, and many other necessities.
The close proximity of everything is a plus for our residents. Public transportation is available to help the residents get around, and make necessary errands.
For those individuals that drive, they are minutes away from major interstates.
This is the perfect home, located in such a beautiful convenient area and our residents enjoy every bit of it. 
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Residents In The Spotlight

Ms. McCauley was a very quiet, timid resident that rarely participated in activities and programs. As time moved on, Ms. McCauley began to hallucinate and became fearful of everyone in the building, including staff. She no longer allowed anyone in her unit and she stopped participating in everything. She started losing a lot of weight. We reached out to our behavioral therapist. When the therapist came onboard Ms. McCauley would not allow her in her apartment. She would talk with the therapist through the door. As time moved on, she agreed to see the therapist in our wellness room. After a few weeks, Ms. McCauley allowed the therapist to come to her unit. Today, Ms. McCauley is a new person. She has gained some weight and she started back participating in activities and programs. She engages more with the residents. This process was a journey for Ms. McCauley, a journey of success.
Theresa McCauley

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Our team continuously strives to make Peachtree Road Highrise an inclusive, supportive living space. We are seeking to add home health aids, transportation and food support for our residents. Can you help us achieve this goal?

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