Quintonia Dunn-Hicks - Social Services Coordinator

During her 15 plus-year tenure within the healthcare and business industry, Quintonia oversaw operations and strategic planning that resulted in increased accuracy in fiduciary budgets, increased managerial quality, and improvement in production.

Quintonia R. Hicks is a highly sought after social service and healthcare consultant. With over ten years of executive management along with various degrees, Quintonia also developed a financial literacy program to encourage individuals and entrepreneurs to jumpstart their wealth journey.

Quintonia holds a master’s degree in business and healthcare administration which has  helped her to develop an effective  system of organizational development and leadership.

Quintonia has worked  with clients within multi-million dollar social service and health care agencies on the east coast. She currently serves on an educational board to help the vocational school system better service their students. She has also developed group leadership sessions, training and workshops where she discusses effective customer service, establishing effective management, and restructuring the workplace.