Social & Community Engagement Program

Together. Arm in arm.

Engaging residents in community-strengthening activities and recreational events promotes a sense of unity and community ownership. Residents are encouraged to work with staff to shape and promote initiatives that lead to greater social integration and collective responsibility for the neighborhood. 

Success Story - National Night Out

Enhancing relationships between neighbors and law enforcement
The thought of dancing with a police officer in the parking lot behind his building never occurred to this young resident of Branch Village, an affordable housing community in Camden, NJ.  But it happened…and it was cool.
This National Night Out event brought together residents from each “phase” of the property to fellowship and acknowledge that this was, indeed, their community, their home.  It is the place where their children are being raised and where they are working to make strides in their lives. It is the place where they want their families to feel safe and protected. 
National Night Out celebrates the positive interaction between law enforcement and the people who live in the spaces they patrol. It is an opportunity for each side to see the other as integral parts of a diversified, vibrant community. 
Events like this and other community-wide events happen all across the country at properties within Better Tomorrows’ extensive portfolio. 

Highlighted Partners

Social Service Coordinators foster partnerships with their local Police and Fire Departments, County and State Offices, Rotary Groups, and local Government Officials to support Social and Community Engagement.