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Better Tomorrows case management is built upon three standard practices: social service intake, assessment, and ongoing support. These practices allow Better Tomorrows case management services to go beyond reactionary management and proactively work with residents to achieve definable mutually agreed upon objectives.


When a resident first moves into a Better Tomorrows community, staff immediately set up an introductory meeting with the individual or family. During this initial meeting, Better Tomorrows in collaboration with individuals and families, helps identify not only the current – often more basic – needs of the individual or family, but also set attainable goals for the future. Goals may include pursuing higher education, obtaining livable-wage employment, or maintaining a healthy home. Depending on their goals, Better Tomorrows shares relevant information on local resources including transportation, childcare, and low or no-cost food.  Better Tomorrows builds ongoing and trusting relationships that allow individuals and families to feel supported as they pursue their goals.


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