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Using annual community assessments, standardized surveys, and a personalized understanding of the community’s needs, Better Tomorrows identifies strengths and weaknesses within the communities we serve. We then design programming across our core program areas – educational success, healthy living, economic stability or community strengthening – to address the specific needs within each community.


Once a specific programmatic need is identified, Better Tomorrows staff research the resources in the local community to discern whether or not a similar program is already in existence. If a similar program already exists, Better Tomorrows will often coordinate with the other program to bring those services directly to the residents. Frequently, we will host these programs in community rooms located on-site thus providing residents with easy access to necessary programming. 


When similar programs do not exist, Better Tomorrows identifies steps to create and implement a successful program. Whenever possible, Better Tomorrows uses evidence-based practices to optimize the effectiveness of our community programming. Better Tomorrows continually tracks key metrics and outcomes of our services to ensure our programs are cost-effective and impactful.


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