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williamsport, Pa

Williamsport Elderly is an eleven- story building located in the city of Williamsport.

Williamsport is considered a river city as the Susquehanna River is surrounded by Williamsport and South Williamsport.

Williamsport began as a logging community and is home to the Little League World Series and we have our annual Grand Slam Parade.

The mayor of Williamsport is Derek Slaughter who was previously a teacher for the Williamsport School District. 

Our site is located just two short blocks away from the fire department, one block from our county assistance office, a few blocks away from Williamsport Hospital, our state representative’s office (Jeff Wheeland) is located just a mile or so away from our site.

Our partners are mostly located within a couple miles of our site which makes programming consistent (not many issues with travel and weather). 

Social programs
Annual Events


Existing programs include weekly coffee hour, weekly bingo, weekly fitness, two monthly food distribution programs, monthly balance and stability screenings and blood pressure checks, monthly art projects, monthly birthday parties, monthly home-made meals, weekly meals on wheels.
We also engage residents with quarterly educational, health and wellness, and financial stability programs. There are extra programs included that are offered as needed and suggested by residents.
We have an active resident association that operates independently to provide resident comradery. Williamsport hosts annual events for residents such as our health fair, national night out, and the rent rebate assistance from the office of Jeff Wheeland. Case Management is offered daily to residents as needs such as rental assistance, benefits enrollment, or external referrals for various services. 


Existing partnerships include partners such as PA central food bank (two monthly food distribution programs), Agape Fellowship (rental assistance), Rite Aid (Flu Shots), YMCA (membership trial vouchers/silver sneakers), Albright Life (service provides that facilitate on site classes), Fox Rehab (balance and stability checks, blood pressure checks), Susquehanna home and health hospice (Blood and Pressure checks), Maneval Funeral Home (donate monthly birthday cakes for residents), Williamsport Fire Department (National Night Out and annual Fire Drills, frequent lift assists as needed), Office of the Aging (Referral support and service provider), Wegmans (monetary donation for Thanksgiving meal 2020), State Representatives Office (rent rebate assistance on site), Attorney General’s Office (Scam Prevention/Identity Theft), RVSPG (networking support).
There are many, many more partners involved in programming and support to our residents; these are the most frequent and recently partnerships involved in programming.

Special Events

Special events to date include our Thanksgiving Meal served to over 50 residents and our upcoming Christmas Dinner that will serve close to 60 residents. Our Christmas dinner will include raffle prizes and holiday music.
We have had 0 cases of COVID to date due to following the 3W’s- wearing our masks, washing our hands, and watching our distancing.
We are having a door decoration contest that will be judged and rewarded by our sponsoring partner Albright Life. This event has already started lifting the spirits of residents here at Williamsport Elderly.

Our social services team

Meet our team of dedicated professionals who work within Williamsport Elderly to develop and run our programs and assist our residents with their day to day needs. Click on their names and images to read more about their background and dedication.

Our Impact

Williamsport Elderly serves approximately 80 residents with food distribution every month. Case Management services and referrals assist residents with benefits that assist them with living on a fixed income. Residents also receive supports that provides independence to age in place. Residents are offered opportunity to learn new skills in technology and art as well has opportunities to exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Residents have opportunities to socialize and interact with each other which creates a healthy environment for all who live here.

Our Partners

Williamsport Fire Department

Office of the Aging

State Representatives Office

Attorney General’s Office


And many more!

Join our partners in supporting us

Our team continuously strives to make Williamsport Elderly an inclusive, supportive living space. We are looking to add a small computer lab for our residents.

Can you help us achieve this goal? 

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