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houston, tx

Built in 1965, Yale Village Apartments has been an integral community of the northern part of the Houston area.
While providing affordable housing to low-income households and with a strong sense of community engagement, Yale Village has supported many families and seniors by offering low rent costs as well as access to Social Services provided by Better Tomorrows.
With its diverse population, Yale Village proudly offers to the community 250 units to current and prospective residents. It also provides quick access to local stores, schools and clinics.

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Ms. Lucio has lived in Yale Village for almost 10 years and considers this her very first home. Over the years, she has noticed the improvement in resident safety, apartment renovations and affordable rent prices. Ms. Lucio loves the sense of community Yale Village Apartments provides and enjoys the opportunity that she has to be helpful to her fellow neighbors. She often volunteers to deliver her neighbors food boxes from the food bank when she can and shares local resources that her fellow neighbors might also benefit from.
Ms. Lucio

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Our team continuously strives to make Yale Village an inclusive, supportive living space. Our goals for improving the quality of life for our residents include raising funds so to provide better computer literacy, educational services for children schooling at home, bill assistance, and tutoring. Can you help us achieve these goals? 

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